As part of the “Web2Workflow” concept, the Packing and Shipping Manager is a client application integrated with PPS and Automation. The PSM provides job tracking management, allowing the production manager to go beyond tracking production progress for each item of an order received from PrintSYS.

This option makes it possible to manage the packing and shipping of each item of an order.

Once production is complete, the cellophane- wrapped or individually packaged product must be packed in boxes, the boxes and their contents identified, and the order shipped via the appropriate delivery service.

PPA Job tracking
PPA Job tracking
The Packing and Shipping client application takes care of these steps.
  • Printing identification labels for each box
  • Printing labels identifying the contents of each box
  • Printing the delivery manifest for each delivery address, in one or two copies and on one or two separate forms.
  • Recording tracking information in the database for all items in each shipment
  • Delivery of shipments
  • Return of the delivery driver
  • Closing the order in PrintSYS
  • Billing of items prior to order closure