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A request form adapted to your needs

A one-time job submission tool and file transfer platform for sharing information between clients and other affiliates. The user describes his requirements using a customized description form and can include the required files for printing. Most file formats are accepted.

All Microsoft Office file types are automatically converted to PDF format and presented to the user for approval of the proof. An estimated price will be available directly on line for the end user before submitting the order. PrintShare allows an unlimited number of users.

Form settings

Load from an existing job

Allows the user to retrieve information from an existing job to create a new submission.

Project Information

Allows the user to name the project, making it easier to find in future searches.

Product Selection

  • Standard: For document printing on regular-format paper including choice of paper type, covers and finishing options.
  • Wide format: For wide format printing including choice of print type, material and calculation in square feet.
  • Notepad: For the creation of notepads including format, glue side information and number of sheets per pad.
  • Booklet: Allows users to easily create a booklet by specifying the number of pages and the finished booklet format desired. Also includes choice of paper and covers.

Print Specifications

Allows users to provide the number of pages, the number of color or black and white pages, the number of copies required as well as other important information.


The user can choose a paper type and colour according to the paper choices provided by the print shop.


Allows users to add front and back covers based on choices provided by the print shop.

Finishing options

Allows users to see each type of finishing option available according to the information provided by the print shop.

Other Options

Customizable section allowing the print shop to offer additional options to users.

Price estimate

Users can obtain a price estimate for their request. Prices are calculated using a database provided by the print shop.


Section allowing users to add a comment to the request.