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The PrintSYS Production Suite application ensures a smooth transition of your orders, from the cloud to your production floor. Automated and robust, you will never have to manually retrieve an order from your email inbox again!

PPS Orders tab
PPS Orders tab

Add options to increase your production workflow.

As part of the "Web2Workflow" concept, Production Automation is a Windows application integrated into the PrintSYS Production Suite that enables automated printing of certain PrintSYS orders. The software extracts information from the XML order files and, depending on their content, allows processing to a predefined workflow called profile.

Integration with Impostrip imposition software (Ultimate TechnoGraphics)
Depending on the profile, the program submits a custom XML file for each order to the Impostrip (Ultimate TechnoGraphics) input folder, which generates the required imposition and produces a new PDF ready to print.

Send to the production engine
The software retrieves the renamed and imposed PDF file and routes it to the active folder of the production printer linked to the workflow.

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As part of the "Web2Workflow" concept, the Packing and Shipping Manager is a client application integrated with PPS and Automation. The PSM provides job tracking management, allowing the production manager to go beyond tracking production progress for each item of an order received from PrintSYS.

This option makes it possible to manage the packing and shipping of each item of an order. Once production is complete, the cellophane- wrapped or individually packaged product must be packed in boxes, the boxes and their contents identified, and the order shipped via the appropriate delivery service.

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