The PrintSYS software has been installed here since 2009 and has helped to simplify and reduce printing requests for teachers while giving better control to school administrators. This management tool allows us a detailed planning of our production and a rigorous budget follow-up. Prisme Technologies is attentive to its clientele and has the concern for the success of each one.
Supervisor Printing Sector
Changes to the SIUM (Service d’impression de l’Université de Montréal) happened progressively, in several phases. When I first arrived in the department in 2006, I noticed that production processes were obsolete. Second, I decided to start by changing the department’s name from Le service de polycopie to SIUM, using only the department’s acronym and created its new logo. I also changed the department’s production method, which was entirely in 8.5″ x 11″ format to, for the most part, 11″ x 17″. This simple change generated significant savings. Another important change involved a switch from five distinct production centers to one central and larger production office and 4 smaller satellite customer service centers that would transfer any larger printing projects to the central office. These changes were considerable, but simple and effectual.

The most significant issue was organizing and computerizing the production processes. The premises in which we were located as well as our work methods resulted in an incredible loss of productivity (frequent production transfers, employee travel – including long distances and from one location to another, etc.) This change required that our working environment be renovated and reorganized, which was not a simple task at the Université de Montréal. I submitted some preliminary plans as to how I wanted to restructure the work flow inside the premises. I also knew that I had to change our production equipment and purchase newer equipment. But more was required; we needed to computerize the entire order to delivery process. I therefore developed a complete project to renovate, reorganize and computerize our work, this would require an investment of nearly two million dollars, including a self financing plan that would use any productivity and efficiency pay-offs.

We renovated the premises and reorganized production; then we started on the computerization phase. First, we focused on order-taking and acquired the PrintSys software from Prisme Technologies inc. This software would allow our clientele to order online via our website. The second step of this phase involved the installation of ‘drives’ in each sector of production to monitor, in real time, the production process. Online orders were slow to come, but today we get more than 80% of our orders online and our production is nearly 100% computerized. Invoicing remains the only function to be finalized.

To summarize, although theses changes were somewhat upsetting to our staff while they were occurring, our personnel is now very happy with the results and the new work environment. The atmosphere in the workplace is excellent and teamwork, motivation and commitment are just as impressive. In fact, the project was cost-effective and produced a pay-off that will help us reimburse our loan. The project can be considered a complete success through and through.

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